Mob Protesters Right or Wrong

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Mob Protesters Right or Wrong

Essay Outline:

My essay is only around one thousand five hundred words long and in that one and a half thousand words I must give points of views from both sides as well as a introduction and this Essay Outline. The first opinion I will write about is the opinions of the labour supporters, saying how They suffered because of the petrol protests, the rights wrongs and how the wrongs were or tried to be sorted out and how long it took. Also in labours defence I shall write about how Tony Blair thinks that a cut in fuel tax will cause more problems in the future. Also I will right about the opinions of the petrol protesters, how they are helping the nation on the over taxed fuel, because they are not doing the protests for fun (although they might look fun). The newspapers I read showed what Tony Blair said about his taxing but where most of it was lies or misleading. Also what he actually did with our taxes and how some of it just went to waste like how he cut 140 road improvements programs to only 37 or how his ten-year £180billion partnership with John Prescott took tree years to sort out.

Is this because of his poor money management or is he getting an extra million or two in his pocket each year? These important points might creep up with some more in my essay.

But to end my essay I shall Finnish with a conclusion that contains an overall view of the essay. A thanks to where I got all my information for the essay, how the essay developed and how my point of view developed as I learnt more on what happens to our taxes while labour is ruling parliament. But most importantly asking the reader the question I was given, but a little briefer, ‘ should we wait for an election to sort out the taxation problems or should we stand up and demand lower taxes to solve the taxation problem’.


Should the government have total control over our taxes and we can not do anything about it. Should we be able to stand up for the taxes we pay or should we wait weeks, months or years for another election. Or should we be happy for taxes knowing that it’s going towards our health, safety and education.

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