Misunderstandings Between Judaism And Judaism

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Judaism dates backs to the covenant between God and Abraham around 1800 B.C. Christianity was birthed from Judaism after the birth, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Judaist do not believe that Christ was the messiah and this allowed the division of Judaism. Even though their beginnings cross, today the Christian and Judean community misunderstand each other. This essay will look at the misunderstandings and discuss if studying Judaism will assist in the elimination of the misunderstanding. The essay will also look at the perceptions of the nation state of Israel by Christians.
Misunderstanding between Christianity and Judaism
Christians view Judaism as one religion when in fact there are several sects or groups within the Judaism
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Christians may view Judaism as following the law of the Ten Commandments when in fact in the Torah there are 613 laws regarding living out the Jewish faith (www.diffen.com). These laws provide guidance for the Jewish person to live out their faith in world around them. On the other hand, a Christian lives out their faith through the guidance of the Holy Spirit and focuses on their personal relationship with Christ. While the Christian is expected to do good things based on obedience, their salvation comes through their faith in and personal relationship with Christ. Jewish may misunderstand who the Christian’s behavior lines up with their…show more content…
Jews were exiled from their land by the Persians, Babylonians, Romans, and Crusaders. Morally, the Jews deserve a homeland and the Christian should support those efforts. Biblically, Israel is the promised land God set aside this his people. “We believe that the immergence of a Jewish state in the land promised by God to Abraham, Isaac, And Jacob was ordained by God (Robertson, nd). In Deuteronomy, God shows the land to Moses and tells him, “this is the land I promised on oath to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Deuteronomy 34:4). This promise is in the bible of the Christians and they should support reinstatement of this land to the Jewish people as God promised. Religions and religious groups misunderstand each other because they look at the other’s religion through their own perceptions. By studying other religions, better communication and religious discussions will pursue. As far as Judaism and Christianity, Christians should study Judaism to better understand their bible and their history. In doing this, Christians would also begin to support the reinstatement of the promised land to the Jewish
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