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Learning Mistakes to Avoid When Speaking in English
Learning a new language can be challenging, but you can make it easier and simpler by not creating barriers that will hamper your improvement. If you are in the early stages of English learning, we would like to guide you on how to avoid making mistakes while speaking in English. These tips will help to make your learning process a lot smoother and English learning fun.
Focusing too much on grammar: - This is the most common mistake that many learners make while they are in the early phases of the English learning process. As per the researches, it has been known that grammar study hurts English speaking ability of the learners. This is because English grammar is too complex to memorize
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When fear prevails, it makes difficult to progress. Do not think how people might react or what they will say. It is natural for everyone to make mistakes and learn from them. Do not let the fear of making mistakes hinder your process of learning English.
Not Going slow:- In the beginning, you should go slow. Even if you require 1 hour to write an e-mail with 10 correct sentences, that’s okay. That’s how long it takes when you are in the early stages of learning. This is because, you read your sentences many times looking for mistakes. You correct sentences frequently, look up the meaning of unfamiliar words in the dictionary and then write. Similarly, when you are speaking, you can frame sentences in your head before you speak them up.
Worrying about fluency:- You might be a good speaker when it comes to speaking in your mother tongue but lack fluency when speaking in the English language. Worrying too much about fluency specially when you are in the early stages of learning can hinder your English learning process. You should go slow while not worrying much about fluency and making
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At some point you will come to a stage where you might not be able toexpress yourself or may fall short of words. Everyone who learns English goes through this phase and this is a natural part of the language learning process. This stage may last for only a few days until you are completely immersed in the English. The only way to overcome this frustration is to practice.
LinguaSoft EduTech made English Learning Easier It is natural for the beginners to make the above mentioned mistakes while they are in the early stages of the English learning process. LinguaSoft EduTech can help you avoid making these mistakes with effective English language learning products. Our self-sufficient and easy to use English learning products are made to enhance the learning rate of the learners. We have various English learning products such as Spoken English Software Level B1 and Level B2. These software develop English skills of the learners which are equivalent to CEFR levels of English reference.
Our English learning software helps you not worry too much about the complex rules of grammar or fluency. There are ample number of exercises for practice that helps students overcome their fear and hesitation. We do not take learners quickly through the process of English learning. But learners can set their pace and study according to their own convenience of time and
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