Mistaken Behaviour And Mistaken Behavior

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Mistaken behavior is the concept that is used by professional teachers, who focus totally on guiding the child to resolve the problem, and to learn from it, instead of criticizing and labeling the child’s behavior. Perhaps this task is so difficult to realize by teachers because children make mistakes, like most of us when learning new skills of any kind. However, in order to correct the problem, they need an adult to help them to solve the problem; for example, by using the steps of the five-fingers formula for conflict resolution, which are:
1) Cool down (thumb): The teacher intervenes and uses calming techniques to lower their emotions during the conflict.
2) Discuss and agree what the problem is (pointer): The teacher talks with the children about what happened.
3) Brainstorm solutions (Middle finger): The teacher ask the children what we can
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Misbehavior, a traditional discipline word commonly was usually used to label the bad behavior of the child who needed to be punished for it. Mistaken behavior, however, is viewed as something that should be corrected through teaching not punishing. Misbehavior made by children tend to internalize negative labels on them. In contrast, mistaken behavior is used to describe the conflicts that children have during learning new skills, and it guide them to solve them and learn from it. The biggest difference between misbehavior and mistaken behavior is how the teacher look at it because guidance requires teachers not to see conflicts as misbehavior, but as mistaken behavior. Also misbehavior and mistaken behavior show similarity, both have consequences. However, they are different. Misbehavior requires the children to be discipline for it, compared to mistaken behavior that requires the children to learn more pro-social responses and the adult to teach those
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