Mistake in the Restaurant

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The tinkling of forks on ceramic plates was what first stirred Frank from his seemingly bottomless slumber. He groped about for consciousness, but the effort was in vain, like trying to grip oil in the hand. The clinking grew louder and was soon framed on the backdrop of dozens of voices that blended together into a fuzzy indistinguishable surface. A few seconds later the smell of coffee and hot sweet pastries broke through, then blurry light began to cloud his eyes. Frank moved one finger and then another. The pressure on his body drew his awareness to the fact that he was sitting in a chair, a hard chair, probably made of wood. He wiggled his toes inside of his shoes and felt the thick cotton socks against his feet. As the light grew he could vaguely perceive people moving about, but only as blurry blobs of color and motion. His senses increased and he became keenly aware of the smell of his shirt and the strong presence of women’s perfume all around him. Then with quickening focus the room came completely into view and he sat in petrified terror at the scene. There before him was a bustling café with a dozen or so tables being waited on by spinning and weaving waitresses donned in identical white blouses, black slacks and aprons. Beyond them was a large glass landscape window that revealed a busy street and the stony feet of giant gray concrete skyscrapers that stood sentry along the avenue. He cast his gaze down before him and encountered the bewildering site of a warm, partially eaten cinnamon roll and a half a cup of still steaming coffee resting on his placemat. How was this possible he wondered? Laughter from just a few feet away startled him and he turned to the source. Busy in conversation at his table were four wome... ... middle of paper ... ...ice building. He watched as the crowd gathered around the body of the once confused, now dead, man. “Interesting. What happened?” Frank sat up from the electronic bed and pulled the probes off of his shaved head. “When I made the insertion all of my theta waves must not have completed the connection. What did make it across was just enough to confuse and frighten ego-host. After that…well, you can see for yourself.” “Still, it was more successful than the first two attempts. Let’s shut it down for today. Do you want to insert again next time or would you like me to?” “I think I will rest for a week or two. I will run the machine tomorrow and you can go for an insertion.” “Sounds good,” said Henry. Without raising notice from anyone, Frank and Henry made their way across the street, past the paramedics working on Jerry, stepped into the café and ordered a chai.
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