Missy Contreras's 1st Conference

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Victims of human trafficking are not to blame for their misery. Thousands of women and children get tricked into the hand of traffickers in their own country or other. Every thirty seconds another person becomes a victim of human trafficking. The largest source of people that are trafficked in the United States is East Asia and the Pacific region. Human trafficking industry is said to be a 5 to 9 billion dollar every year worldwide. Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry in the entire world. People being trafficked over and over again for years die of malnutrition, abuse, disease, or murder. It rarely happens that people who are being trafficked escape or rescued. The reasoning for people being trafficked is poverty, false hope of love, and education. People who are being trafficked are mostly victims of extreme poverty, oppressive and corrupt governments. Poverty puts people in risk its intended to be a lack of well-being. It can be of multiple causes such as health-related well-being, financial resources, level of education, societal integration, occupational integration, integration regarding laws of residence and family origin. If so they are most likely to work in any kind of working condition for any kind of pay. Other factors related to poverty are economic and social inequality, political instability, gender discrimination and violence, existence and function of social network. These people from other countries aren’t given much opportunity for good work. Whenever an opportunity to get paid they take it not knowing the bad conditions. Human trafficking for sexual exploitation are women and young girls. Approximately 80% of trafficking is for sexual exploitati... ... middle of paper ... ...is being able to develop and grow so rapidly. In conclusion society needs to be aware of human trafficking and the victims of human trafficking shouldn’t blame themselves for being in that position. Every victim in human trafficking has a life expectancy of 7 years and 1 out of 100 get rescued. Think about it, slavery was abolished 150 years ago and yet they’re more people in slavery today than at any other time in our history. People need to be educated about human trafficking and the main source of it is the lack of work opportunity and poverty. For the sex trade young girls are tricked into false affections. We need to know about the horrors of human trafficking and need to put a stop to it. No women, young girl, or anyone should be treated as awful as they treat these people. No one should ever have to be owned by anyone and feel unable to do anything.

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