Missouri Compromise Essay

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During the mid nineteenth century the United States started to part, yet at the center of the century individuals perspectives began to wind up more concrete thus detachment in the Union turned out to be more extreme. From 1850 to 1861 it was evident that the union was isolating into the North and the South. The Constitution assumed a noteworthy part in the division that was happening. Through sectional preference of bits and pieces of the Constitution and through thoughts that were let well enough alone, the Constitution prompted sectional dissension and nearly failure to the union. Therefore several issues created the identity for the Civil War such as, Missouri Compromise, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Abolishment Movement, and the Dred…show more content…
The Missouri Compromise happened on March 3, 1820 in a effort from the U.S Senate and House of Representatives to maintain balance of power between the slaveholding states and the free states. The slaveholding states feared that they would become outnumbered in the Congressional representation to protect their interests in property and trade. As the debates raised on the Missouri admissions, perhaps nobody was more unsettled than the man who had obtained all that modest land west of the Mississippi River. In 1820, Thomas Jefferson wrote to a companion about the battle over slavery in Missouri “like a firebell in the night, awakened me and filled me with terror.” Jefferson would die in 1826, but the fire bells over slavery had just begun to toll…show more content…
This movement in the United States was an American push to end slavery in the country that valued individual opportunity and considered "all men were made equivalent" (Historynet). After some time, the abolitionists started to become more impatient in their demands, and the slave owners felt accustomed from the responses therefore encouraging controversy that ultimately led to the American Civil War.
Lastly, Dred Scott Case with the United States Supreme court fought freedom for the slaves in the American Legal System. In 1857, the court 's decision denied his plea and determined that no Negro,a term used to portray anybody that was African blood, was or could ever be a citizen. This decision also the reason for the Missouri Compromise, which set restrictions on slavery in certain U.S territories. The Northerners were outraged and the Dred Scott case became a reason to elect president Abraham Lincoln in 1860
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