Mission Statement for Success of Steve Madden Footwear

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Mission Statement
“Our main mission is to consistently deliver trend right designs to our customers. To further build our business, we will leverage our tremendous brand equity, dominant position in fashion-forward footwear, and industry-leading design team and will work to ensure that Steven Madden, Ltd. emerges as a global lifestyle branded company.”
Birth of Corporation

Steve Madden always showed interest in shoes, ever since he was younger and trying to figure out what he wanted to do as far as a career. Steve Madden began working for a number of footwear companies before starting his own. In 1993 he first opened his own store in New York. Since the very beginning Madden had an idea just as far he wanted his company to go. Designing platform shoes, chunky-heeled boots which attracted to a generation whose mothers and grandmothers wore stilettos. (Steven Madden, Ltd.)
Steve Madden is effortlessly America’s most successful shoe designer. Over the past two decades Madden has been responsible for the designing and marketing of the company’s trendsetting shoes. Since the very beginning Steve Madden had a vision that to give young, fashions forward men and women a way to express their individuality through unique style. (About Steve Madden) However, Steve Madden had not always made the best decisions. His love of money and his abuse of drugs and alcohol drove him to spend two and half years in prison. Stock manipulation, money, and securities fraud were what his charges consisted of.
Making a better decision and changing for the better he brought his company back to life. It has been a decade since Madden’s conviction and he is now the creative and design chief of the shoe empire. In an article in The New York Times he states,...

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...o existing stores, systems enhancements and leasehold improvements to office space.

Production Progress
There are many products in each product line because a trendy company like Steve Madden offers many different styles of shoes. Flat shoes, boots, heels, and super high heels. Every season the styles and colors change for the shoes that they sell and the older styles go on sale. The Brand name for the company is Steve Madden and their brand mark is the name in the circle. The name is in the Brand Mark so that it is always clear what company the brand mark is talking about. You can never get confused with what company makes the shoe or posted the ad because the name is always on it. The company has been continuing moving forward. There may have been some rocky points, Steve Madden knows exactly how to continue running strong. What competition is there? None.
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