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We have not been successful in finding a place to settle. Our new house on earth must have the same benefits as we enjoyed on Andros. It must provide us with easy access to trade and travel and fresh water to drink. It must have a mostly moderate climate and be warm enough to grow crops. It also must have an ample amount of natural resources, and oxygen. There must be a steady supply of food and a steady amount of precipitation. It should have flat land to build and decrease the possibility of flooding. It’s hard to find a place that fits most of this description. The land located at 25o N and 67 o E fits most of the description. This place is now known as Karachi, Pakistan, has most of these qualities and the ones it does not can be fixed in one way or another. Since Karachi has most of these benefits we should settle in Karachi once we leave Andros.
Karachi’s temperature should not be a worry to the Androsians. Karachi has a semi arid climate. This means it is hot all year round but not way to hot. During April through October the temperature never drops below 74o Fahrenheit. This is warm enough to grow crops a good supply of food and oxygen. Crops can also supply medicine and tools. This is good for the Androsians because they get 7 straight months of growing crops. In the other 5 months it never gets below 57o Fahrenheit. This is also warm enough to grow crops but it is cutting it close. The androidians can still grow crops but they might run into some weather related difficulties. Many residents in Karachi do not have air conditioners. This is hard in the summer months when it gets really hot and humid. Many people can’t stand the heat in their houses and the heat outdoors.This is a problem because of money related difficul...

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... Karachi.
In conclusion Karachi would make a great place for the Andorians resettlement. It has fresh water from the Malir River. It has an easy access to trade and travel, because of the Indian Sea. It’s trading and it crops and trees provide natural resources. It’s semi- arid climate would provide 12 months of growing crops. Karachi does have a mild amount of precipitation but this does not matter because there is fresh water sources. It has a higher risk of floods but it is not common that floods will appear. Enemies can have easy access but with guards there is no chance of them getting to the land. Karachi is not perfect but no place can have everything as an advantage. Places with cold temperatures or no fresh water sources would be difficult to live in. With some modifications I know Karachi will be loved by the Androsians.

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