Miss Julie by August Strindberg

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Miss Julie by August Strindberg was published in 1888 yet was soon censored for it’s, what was then, ‘scandalous’ content with its frank portrayal of sexuality. In the preface of the play, Strindberg refers to Miss Julie as a ‘man-hating half women’ who seems to be the result of a power struggle between her mother and father. Miss Julie is already the dominating figure within the play showing a disregard for gender and class conventions, these themes and the idea of a power struggle that forms tension between characters should be drawn upon when taking a directorial approach to staging the play. Miss Julie is widely regarded as the most important drama to come from naturalism. The movement was based largely on the theory of social Darwinism, which proposed the idea that individuals fight for position in society just as animals fight for their survival in the wild and that only the fittest will survive. This is true when applied to Miss Julie, as there is a focus on Julie and Jean's struggle for survival in their society and Christine who knows the hierarchy of class. Strindberg liv...
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