Miss Hiller Case Study

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Scenario Two
a. What circumstances and psychological factors will make it particularly difficult for the principal to discuss Miss Hiller’s problems with her. What situational barriers will need to be overcome before Miss Hiller can feel more accepted in the school. Mrs. Carter, the school nurse, told the principal in confidence about Miss Hiller’s feelings of discouragement and disillusionment with teaching. It will be particularly difficult for the principal to directly approach Miss Hiller with her problems because Miss Hiller may become defensive or embarrassed, and may feel distrust towards Mrs. Carter whom she shared her predicaments in secret. The principal, being a person of authority in school may approach Miss Hiller in the capacity
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Beginning teachers often end up with the toughest assignments. In the case of Miss Hiller, she was becoming very discouraged because she didn’t seem to know how to motivate her students to learn. She is also bothered of the fact that the students didn’t seem to like her, and that she is having problems disciplining her students. Stansbury and Zimmerman (2000) suggests that to make life less stressful for new teachers like Miss Hiller, the principal may reduce the number of students in a beginning teacher’s classrooms, refrain from assigning them the most challenging students, and minimize their extracurricular and committee assignments.
Selecting and training effective support providers. Support providers are experienced teachers who recognized the importance of helping beginners identify and understand their teaching strengths. Minimum requirement for support providers should be teachers who are successful in their own classrooms and articulate about their practice. However, since working with beginning teachers is different from working with students, a good support provider should be temperamentally suited to collegial work with other
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