Misogyny In Drob Herbert's Punished For Being Women, By Bob Herbert

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Misogyny is a leading factor that prevents females from receiving an equal treatment in society. During our childhood, we are naturally taught through mainstream media and socialization that men are more powerful and dominant compared to women. Along with claiming women to be inferior to men, women are dehumanized through commercialization that establishes them as sexual beings that only exist to pleasure men. There is a countless amount of female icons in history who have helped advance our world into what it has become now, but most of the world overlooks the struggles they often face. The mistreatment of women occurs far too often, and society must begin to reprimand the offenders of these crimes in order to keep women from being targeted for being women.
In Punished for Being Female, written by Bob Herbert, acts of violence and abuse against women can be observed in numerous cultures around the world. Wives in India can be set on fire by their own husbands, young girls in Ethiopia can be raped by a man who wishes to take her as their bride, and an estimated four hundred women have
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However, regardless of how many more women have begun to take charge in society, the true issue lies within how far men will allow them to go because we are still living in a man’s world. Perhaps men are the ones who are behind keeping the mistreatment of females as hidden as possible to maintain their dominance in the world. It is also important to consider how a woman’s situation is worse in third world countries compared to the United States, but feminist movements here focus more on their stance in American society which unfortunately is not a universal experience. Can women who live in countries where they are treated as property, such as Pakistan and India, stand up for themselves without the help from

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