Misogynistism In The Wife Of Bath's Wife

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A woman wants the self-same sovereignty as over her husband as over her lover, And master him;and he must not above her” (Chaucer) This is a quote from the “Wife of Bath’s Tale” written by Geoffrey Chaucer. Throughout the poem there are many misogynistic topics are expressed all through the work. For example the knight assuming he had the right to have sex with the maiden without her consent. Many people assuming that since she is a woman that she cannot be a well traveled, experienced woman therefore she should be at the house with the children. And the knight, then husband, reading “The book on Wicked Wives” and becoming paranoid that his wife is out to get him. All the facts stated above have great parallels to Chaucer’s marriage in more subtle ways.
Some critics such as Donald Howard imply that Chaucer’s marriage life and the death of his wife make him
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The last few years no records or accounts show that they were on favorable terms at the time of Philippa’s death, as a result of the Cecilia Chaumpaigne affair.

The affair was between Chaucer and a woman named Cecilia Chaumpaigne. According to records from Cannon stating explicitly that “chaucer was a rapist” (Cannon) show that it is a more forced affair coming from Chaucer’s side. Returning to the “The Wife of Bath’s tale”, in the beginning the knight is accused of rape to a maiden and sentenced to death but, saved by the Queen. The Queen in return and sent on a quest. Chaucer is too saved by a woman; he was saved by the woman he was accused of raping, Cecilia Chaumpaigne and his dead wife, Philippa.

Expressed in Chaucer’s writing the knight felt scared for his life and Chaucer for his reputation and marriage. Against other critics that say Chaucer was misogynistic throughout the poem, Chaucer is actually figuring himself out and correct his wrong doings committed but, living it vicariously with the knight in the