Misconceptions In A Girl Like Me

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961 words

Many of us are faced with the idea that we will never be able to live up to society 's expectations. That no matter what we do as human beings, nothing will ever be perfect to society. In the short documentary film “A Girl like Me,” the director of the film examines the importance of color of skin, hair and facial features for young African-American woman. The director 's purpose was to empower the women and let them know they can overcome these false stereotypes. The film starts by including some of the most common misconceptions and stereotypes of African-American women, naming a few were, loud, ghetto, and obnoxious. These stereotypes caused a buildup of anger and insecurities that these young women think they are forced to live with. As …show more content…

Davis includes sources in the film, such as recreating the famous doll test based on the experiment of the 1940 's by psychologist Dr. Kenneth Clark. The recreated experiment shows how children of color prefer a white doll over a black doll. Using the doll test as a source adds facts that further boost the credibility of Davis’s argument by showing the negative effects society’s perception has on African-American women. Davis also uses personal experiences of the women in the film and uses that to introduce a variety of issues thrown at the women to support her …show more content…

Towards the middle and throughout the film the audience only witness what African-American women have to say about the stereotypes, but what about the white women? Shouldn’t they be able to have an opinion formed as well? Davis is trying to stress the importance of this film to the black community but not only does African-American women go through daily stereotypical standards formed against them. I know the film was meant to get women to understand that no matter the circumstance they can overcome what society has to say about them. No matter the skin tone, the hair type, beauty runs skin deep. But isn’t that for all women? We all have our insecurities and we all live through the standards society tells women they have to live with. African-American women aren’t the only ones who have faults and insecurities, women of all color go through a majority of the same stereotypes thrown at them. Davis argument would have more strongly appealed to logos if she would have included factual beliefs and insecurities of women of all races to further strengthen her argument and to further persuade the

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the director of "a girl like me" examines the importance of color of skin, hair and facial features for young african-american women.
  • Analyzes how davis appeals to pathos in the beginning and throughout the film. the film starts with the common misconceptions of african-american women.
  • Analyzes how davis tries to persuade the audience to agree with her argument of misconceptions, but she loses the chance to convince them.
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