Miscommuniversity Reflection

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Thinking about the role you play in your company or organizations, discuss how your might or have used what you know from the ALD program to break down some of the silos that get created in organizations separating departments and often creating miscommunication and distrust.

Reflecting and commenting on this topic is a personal challenge for me. I am always concerned about those reading my comments and how what I express comes across. To be honest, I asked if bonus questions are viewed by classmates as well as Dr. Monaghan and Dr. Adkisson. My expressions are real and it is not my intention for anyone in the class to feel disconcerted by words.

Silos: Miscommunication and distrust.

Failure to communicate adequately

Distrust doubt the
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Scenario: One of the situations I have experienced in the past has been a stress trigger for me. One of the employees where I work struggles when it comes to writing. The person's coworkers were told my management to review and fix any and all content and grammatical errors before sending this person's report to the head of the department.

Knowing the character of those involved: There are two coworkers assigned to the task of fixing their coworker's grammatical and content writing issues. Two people are assigned just in case one person is absent at the time the report needs to be completed.

Avoid gossiping: The two people responsible for making the corrections have been negatively discussing the issue with other coworkers after being told to keep such information confidential. Unfortunately, I overheard three employees discuss the personal and confidential information regarding the person involved. (I immediately said: " Please don't do that. Either offer a solution to help or just be quiet!") The three employees had no idea that I was in close proximity and heard everything that was
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