Miranda Vs. Arizona Law Enforcement

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Ever wonder how some laws come to be? Some laws are created from cases that have been to the U.S. Supreme Court and it was discovered that there was mistakes made on behalf of law enforcement. Take the case, Miranda v. Arizona, this is where the Miranda Warning came from. We are going to look at the chain of events that happened to Mr. Ernesto Miranda, what the outcome of the case was, and what exactly are the Miranda Warnings. Ernesto Miranda, since early childhood, after the death of his mother, and his father remarried, he began to get into trouble with the law. He had been in and out of numerous detention facilities. On March 2, 1963 the victim was walking home from work when she was kidnapped and raped. A few days later Mr. Miranda was located and taken to the Phoenix police department for a photo lineup. After the victim identified Mr. Miranda, he was interrogated by police for approximately two to three hours. Miranda signed a confession to the rape charge on forms that included the typed statement: "I do hereby swear that I make this statement voluntarily and of my own free w...

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