Miramax the Downfall of Indie Cinema

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663 words

Each set of clips progressively show the development “independent cinema” through each film. Originally, independent cinema before Quentin Taratino was a refusal of Hollywood ideals. With the rise of Taratino on the independent cinema Miramax changes how independent cinema evolves as a “genre” and marketing tool. Through each set of clips Reservoir Dogs (1992), Kids (1995), and Shakespeare in Love (1998) with editing and the ambiguity of narrative closure; in order to see the evolution of Miramax brand of “independent cinema”.
Reservoir Dogs had an open interpretation within the plot within a certain point in the film. Within the clip it is showing a contrast between taking the police officer hostage and Eddie arriving to the warehouse. The editing is quick pace as it switches back and forth between clueless Eddie and the crew is interrogating and questioning what went wrong with the heist similar to a montage. The montage kind of editing gives it a quicker pace and contributes to the questionable narrative. This leads to an openness interpretation of how the narrative is going to be. As a film viewer the question arises is that this film makes a shift in Miramax approach to films. The dialogue in the clip contributes to the narrative that “Damon and Affleck were inspired by . . . nobodies . . . [and] that we started writing” (Biskind, 281). The film is also before the Disney deal which shows that Miramax was still focused on producing indie films as something of not high quality. This is marked by stars taking interest and basically how it is a stepping stone in Miramax’s history as a film that contributes to larger scale productions.
The film Kids marked a different kind of point on fitting into the Miramax brand with its pseu...

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...up with Viola. The film Shakespeare in Love being released during the “Golden Age . . . [being the third phase]” where Miramax blew most of the competition away and having “commercial success” (Biskind, 376). This is a turn-around for Miramax as a brand because of the standards they set for “independent cinema” for future films.
Miramax with each release of films the quality and standards of independent cinema. With these three set of clips we can see the evolution of how Miramax approach “genre” and tried to make each film successful profit and creating the history of the Miramax brand through each film. The films fit into the brand of Miramax because they all approach different audiences and had a different aspect of “independent film” and creating a successful brand through ideas of editing styles within the film and the ambiguity of narrative closure of a film.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how each set of clips progressively show the development of "independent cinema" through each film.
  • Analyzes how the film makes a shift in miramax's approach to films. the dialogue in the clip contributes to the narrative that dan and affleck were inspired by nobodies.
  • Analyzes how the film kids marks a different kind of point on fitting into the miramax brand with its pseudo-documentary style.
  • Analyzes how the final set of clip being shakespeare in love is a major stepping stone with editing and narrative closure makes an emphasis on the miramax brand.
  • Analyzes the evolution of miramax's approach to "genre" and creating the history of the brand through each film.

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