Mira Bharati Analysis

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254 words

Bharati is the writer of this material. Her qualities include her being able to adopt a culture with an open mind, in this case, being Americanized. She also wants to make a difference in her life and contribute to something meaningful. Bharati is pitied by her sister, Mira in her behaviors. This includes the lack of structure in life, erasure of Indianness ever since she became an American citizen and the absence of an unvarying daily core. Bharati believes in being part of a community she adopted and to live with it. On the other hand, Mira has qualities of her own, which comprise being professionally generous, creative and is socially courteous and gracious. She is criticized by Bharati for having a narrow perspective and being uninvolved

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how bharati is pitied by her sister, mira, in her behaviors, which include lack of structure in life, erasure of indianness, and the absence of an unvarying daily core.
  • Explains that bharati and mira share similar appearances, attitudes, and views on politics, social issues, love and marriage. however, they had different identities and perspectives on the status of immigration.
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