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Being successful at budgeting our personal finances is not strength within our household, and I often find myself nervous thinking about our cash flow. I don’t recall having conversations with my parents concerning finances; I only remember learning to balance a checkbook while in high school. Considering that most Americans will have the need to create a budget and manage their finances at one point of their adult life, I feel that a series of personal finance classes should be a part of a high school education. In these tough economic times, I’ve learned that having a handle on our personal finances is not a luxury – it’s a requirement. Therefore, making money while effectively managing and tracking how you spend it is closely related to stress levels and living a comfortable life. Using is a great tool I use in keeping control of my personal finances. I learned of last year from a colleague at work who spoke highly about the online tool. I was telling him how difficult it was to manage the spending habits of my family, and how impossible it was to capture our receipts so I could watch our cash flow. He was able to quickly log into his account and show me a series of reports about his spending trends, and the recommendations that provided based on his habits. Since we use to managing our bills and bank accounts online, I thought we could easily adapt to using and experiment with it. I was excited to have the reports based on spending trends, and looked forward to the suggestions it would provide us. Once we invested the time to link our accounts to we were able to see multiple benefits to the site. Some of the things I really like are that it is free and secure, it suggests ... ... middle of paper ... ...ake better decisions in order to reach our goals. is an amazing tool that provides a single portal to see your financial life including; your income, bills, incidental expenses, savings goals and investments, it’s what I need to make good choices. is structured to make budgeting simple and accessible for everyone. The site is easy to navigate through and the reporting is extremely easy to generate. If you’ve struggled like me at keeping a budget, this personal finance tool provides a safe and convenient way to manage your money without the frustration of some account software you have to purchase. With understandable tools and easy to use navigation, it’s pretty easy to analyze, plan and track your finances. I highly recommend for someone who wants a centralized portal to their financial world, and advice on how they spend their money.

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