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There are quite a few different minority groups in today’s society. Minority groups are all unique in there own way. With groups rapidly growing as well as groups decreasing in size minority groups go through change in areas like discrimination, society, and within the criminal justice system. Discrimination, society, and within the criminal justice system are all unique to different minority groups in their own ways, but most of them all have things in common as well. Throughout history and still till this day minority groups fight to be heard and represented equally in the United States. Over the year’s laws, rights, land, and interactions with different minority groups have changed, whether it was for the good or bad. Native Americans …show more content…

Native Americans are 2.5 times more likely to be violently victimized compared to all other persons. Robberies are very common against Native Americans by an unknown stranger 71% of the time. Native Americans are also more likely to be assaulted and or raped by a stranger rather than someone that they know. African and White Americans are the most common groups to victimized Native Americans. Unlike Native Americans, women are more prone to acquaintance rape and marital rape. However, women are not as likely to be victimized. Some sort of violent crime victimizes only 17.6 of 1,000 females. Female victimization is very low compared to the Native Americans. Natives are far more likely to be a victim of robbery or any other kind of assault than a female.
The government has discriminated against minority groups and not giving them equal rights, but African American and the gay community standout when it comes to discrimination. Attitudes and the way people interact with African Americans have progressively changed over the years, from slavery to hate crimes. The Gay Community has never been a spotlight went it came to this topic until recent years. The attitudes towards these groups are harsh as they are both humans and have equal rights

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that there are quite a few different minority groups in today’s society. minority groups are unique in their own way.
  • Opines that native americans and women have a multitude of similarity when it comes to their rights.
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