Minority Experience In Literature Analysis

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This essay is going to address three stories and explore the different types of minority experiences in literature. That is to say, I will discuss the elements of oppression in “No Name Woman”, “Notes of A Native Son”, and “Recitatif”. A minority is a group or members of a group that is lesser in numbers than the rest of the factions in a specific place. However, the connotations of the word read more; minorities tend to be treated worse than the majority, but not always purposefully. In our society, supremacy 's not majorly taught through blatant lessons, but rather subliminal messages in the media, and accordingly the tensions we notice between people we observe. Consequently, this leads to a concept called internalized bigotries. It is…show more content…
To start, the type of minority in this story 's a woman; and would be a Chinese woman if the setting was somewhere beside China. However, since the setting is in China, that factor 's irrelevant towards counting toward the minority experience. The main woman mentioned in the tale 's a deceased aunt of the young woman whom the story 's being told to by the her mother. The mother tells her daughter that her aunt killed herself because she was raped and impregnated by a man after her husband was gone. The villagers organized a raid onto her entire family for bringing a child into the village during a time of scarcity, and the mother wonders if the man had masked himself and was part of the…show more content…
The earlier the population, the more they 're trying to understand what life 's all about and pretending they know how things work for social gain. Additionally, I believe internalized sexism affected the point of view of the story being told by her mother, “Don 't humiliate us. You wouldn 't like to be forgotten as if you were never born.” (p.18). However, I don 't think the young woman 's view was tainted, as she expressed concern for her dead aunt. This experience relates to the modern day sexism, and a parallel I see is the many women who are raped/assaulted/abused and report their incidents to the police, but the rapist isn 't arrested, or if he is, he 's put away for an objectively disheartening, short amount of time. The families of those women are ashamed more than remorseful, and nearly everyone 's trying to defend the offender with words such as “Are you sure you weren 't asking for it? What were you wearing?”. The rapes taint the women 's reputation more than the rapists '. The next story dissection is “Notes of a Native son”. This non-fiction tale regards a young black man named Baldwin, who grows up under his parent 's roof; the roof his father adamantly detests white people under. The boy 's raised listening to his father 's stories about the wrong doings of white people along with their
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