Minorities And Its Impact On American Society

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Minorities have made significant strides towards equality in American society. In America the minority groups are being stereotyped due to their ethnicity. The media have had a significant impact in passing stereotypes that have conveyed negative impressions about certain ethnic groups. Minorities have been the victim of an industry that relies on old ideas to appeal to the "majority" at the expense of a minority group ideals (Horton, Price, and Brown 1999). Stereotypes have been portraying negative characteristics of ethnic group in general. According to an article, in “The Huffington Post”, Americans love to muse over the characteristic of our foreign immigrants residing in the country, and even if there descents have assimilated in the American culture, they are being stereotyped with negative views of their cultural background. A racial stereotyping study that was done by Katz and Braly in 1933, at the University of Princeton. The study was a questionnaire that was completed by students, and during this era most of the students were white. The aim of this experiment was to investigate the attitude of the white American citizen towards other ethnic groups. It was interesting to read the results of the experiment for example; some students had a difficult time answering the questions, and others found it easy to stereotype other raises. These views that most of the students learned was from the media. During this time other ethnic groups such as Jews, Japanese’s, and blacks were seeing as different kind of class that was portrayed by the media. Asian and African Americans are part of this stereotype attack in the media. The stereotypes have brought negative recognition to these ethnic groups. According t... ... middle of paper ... .... Some psychologists will argue that it is a normal behavior, and that stereotypes can be seen to benefit each group because it helps in identifying with one’s own ethnic group. The truth is stereotypes are negative remarks towards a race, and even the white American race gets stereotyped by other countries. America is filled with different cultures, and each individual is part of a different ethnic group, which have their own individual identity that is far from the stereotypical views that have been brought to our society. Stereotypes do not bring a positive result to our society. They have created a negative prejudice view on minority groups in America, which have caused resentment towards different cultural groups. All minorities are given negative characteristics thru the media , and the results of this have created a new problem of racism in the United States.

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