Mining Group Gold

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Mining Group Gold Process
The mining group gold process is a team process and meeting management process that combines the key ideas, experience and wisdom of everyone in order to improve the functionality of the organization. The first basic process is determination of the purpose of the session or meeting. This entails the process of outlining the objectives and laying down the aims of what is expected from the meeting or session. This step lays the foundation for all the next steps in order to provide a successful meeting or session. This second step is concerned with the foreseeable results and desired outcomes of the meeting or session. The desired outcomes, much like the purpose, are written down and act as the frame for the overall meeting or session. The third step is assigning of roles of the facilitator, the overseer, the time keeper and the scribe for the meeting or session. These are the roles are the people who regulate the meetings and who are charged with the duties of setting the agenda. The facilitator is the key regulator of the meeting and works with the scribe who is in charge of writing the ideas and the time keeper allotting time for all steps. The fourth step is setting the agenda which involve setting times and dates to be on time for expected completion for desired results. The final step is establishing the time for each specific item on the agenda. This step takes step four a little more in depth by allotting times and dates for each specific item that is needed for successful completion of this process. According to Kayser (1995), “the mining group gold is a process that is effective for all types of sessions or meetings and improves the wisdom and functionality of the organization.”
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...andt (2001), “teamwork is imperative to enhancing decision making and improving communication.” While mining for group gold it overall betters the organization by improving functionality and decision making for the organization.

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