Mining Data Stream is Extracts Knowledge from Rapid Data Records

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A data stream is a real time, continuous, structured sequence of data items. Mining data stream is the process of extracting knowledge from continuous, rapid data records. Data arrives faster, so it is a very difficult task to mine that data. Stream mining algorithms typically need to be designed so that the algorithm works with one pass of the data. Data streams are a computational challenge to data mining problems because of the additional algorithmic constraints created by the large volume of data. In addition, the problem of temporal locality leads to a number of unique mining challenges in the data stream case. The data mining techniques namely clustering, classification and frequent pattern mining are applied to extract the knowledge from the data streams. This research work mainly concentrates on how to find the valuable items found in a transactional data of a data stream. In the literature, most of the researchers have discussed about how the frequent items are mined from the data streams. This research work helps to find the valuable items in a transactional data. This is a new research idea in the area of data stream frequent pattern mining. Frequent Item mining is defined as finding the items which are occurring frequently and above the given threshold. Valuable item is nothing but finding the costliest item or most valuable items in a data base. Predicting this information helps businesses to know about the sales details about the valuable items which guide to make important decisions, such as catalogue drawing, cross marketing, consumer shopping and performance scrutiny. In this research work, two new algorithms namely VIM (Valuable Item Mining) and TVIM (Tree based Valuable Item Mining) are proposed for finding the... ... middle of paper ... ... the underlying concept of data changes over time. Concept-evolution occurs when new classes evolve in streams. Feature-evolution occurs when feature set varies with time in data streams. Data streams also suffer from scarcity of labelled data since it is not possible to manually label all the data points in the stream. Each of these properties adds a challenge to data stream mining. This valuable item mining helps to find the most valuable items of a transactional database. This can be achieved by providing the cost of an individual item and assigning an individual threshold for each and every item in a transaction. This gives the information about the particular item will be sold at particular time. This information also provides whether the business is a profitable one or not. Through this valuable item mining the owner can improve his/her business strategy.
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