Minimum Wage Is A Low Salary

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Minimum wage is a low salary given to a worker by an owner. In this 21st century, it is seen minimum wage as a debatable issue going on all over the world to battle with poverty. People from all the state of America as well as other countries are asking their salary to raise little up. Low Wage has affected all the people’s life in a severe condition. Due to the minimum wage, human being are not able to eat a healthy food, stay in a house, wear a nice clothe. They are dependent on the wage that they get from their work. Living a life in America is expensive in this period for the people who are living their life with a minimum salary. California has become the first state to choose law that will slowly increase the minimum wage to fifteen dollars per hour in 2016. Administration estimates are trying to increase the wages of people in the California. Labor leader of California, Jerry Brown is responsible to increase the minimum wage of people living in the United States of America by state wide. It is seen that Minimum wage in California should be raised because the people of California are having a difficult time to live their life happily in an expensive city, it is not showing the worth of the people contribution to the trade and its solution are required. People of California have a different opinion on the issue of minimum wage. They are facing a hard time to deal with this problem. Minimum wage has been a game changer for every business that is many workers will be active at the time of work. According to the article “University of California to Raise Hourly Minimum Wage to $15” written by the author Osborn, Katy tells about minimum wage to be raise for the worker in order to help the worker to live their quality life. A wage... ... middle of paper ... ...t from faith societies across the U.S. title explain judgement of the university of California school method to increase its low salary to 15 dollars by 2017, and positivity shown on the salary raise (2015). Increase in the minimum wage of salary has become one of the most debatable issue in the California. People of California are raising their voice to stop giving minimum salary to the worker. Raise of the minimum wage of the California can help to lift the standard living of people lives, low and middle class family. It is clearly seen that; the issue of minimum wage will gain some victories with in some years. California people will be able to get the salary what they are seeking for in a near future. It is seen that the increase in minimum wage in California is a great thing because it is helping people accommodation, living in an expensive city like California.
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