Minimum Wage Cons

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368 words

Clayton Culp Bim 2 10-27-17 Pros and Cons When coming to minimum wage there's many pros cons which could have good or bad effects in many ways. Pros and cons range from higher taxes being paid per person or from a person being employed to a company for longer periods of time. Effects of higher wages go from workers staying longer, higher taxes and raise of demand. These can various effects on a person's lifestyle or the world economy. With minimum wage being a higher companies can receive one benefit when it comes to how long their workers stay. With a higher minimum wage workers are guaranteed to stay with their business longer. With higher

In this essay, the author

  • Describes the pros and cons of minimum wage and explains the effects of higher wages on a person's lifestyle.
  • Explains that companies can reap the benefits of a higher minimum wage. with higher wages workers are guaranteed to stay with their business longer.
  • Explains that a higher wage and higher taxes can lead to lower wages and lower taxes. this is the cause and effect that wages have on people.
  • Explains that companies have to raise prices so they can afford to pay the higher wages. when they pay employees higher minimum wage, they sell their products for higher prices.
  • Opines that higher minimum wage can have positive and negative effects on a community. a college degree can keep you from being affected as much as those on minimum wages.
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