Minimum Wage And The United States

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Minimum Wage has been a topic of debate for many years in California between politicians and economists. The California initiative is to have minimum wage raised to at least $15 in the next few years. Just like every measure in the United States, this measure has some pro’s and cons.The Obama Administration has expressed its support for minimum wage campaign called, “Raise the Wage” by Senator Murray and Representative Scott. “Raise the Wage” is an act works with state and national advocates, along with legislators, to make a change. Throughout the years, minimum wage was increased by a few cents each year. In 2016, the minimum wage was increased to $10 an hour from what it originally was $8 in 2008. Now, citizens are looking to increase the wage to $15 an hour, which is set to be voted on in November 2016. California has a high minimum wage along with other states. But there are also a lot of housing problems in california, unemployment, and homelessness. In this paper, I intend on writing about the problem and solutions this act brings. In my opinion, raising minimum wage will do a lot more good than bad and will help the people of California. Raising the Minimum Wage helps the economy, if people make more money, they will spend more money, which benefits the encounter. One of the problems people getting paid with minimum wage encounter is with the housing expenses in the state are increasing, it 's hard for minimum wage workers to make ends meet. Workers have a hard time paying for their own necessities, like food, clothings, bills etc, and on top of that, they have to pay a high priced rent. According to reports, A California median home price increased about 6.5% in 2015. This year, it is expected to increase at least 3.2%... ... middle of paper ... ... make their profit on low-wage workers. Raising the Minimum Wage helps the economy, if people make more money, they will spend more money, which benefits the encounter. Corporations need to take into account the idea that when wage is deducted from an employee, that employee is less willing to work and that can really affect the business. But if the employee is being paid a decent amount that is realistic for them, they are more willing to work for your business and will be a happy worker, which will be beneficial to your business. No one wants their business to have the image of abusing their employee’s. It can harm their business by the public viewing them as a company that doesn 't appreciate their workers. If the employee is being paid a decent amount, it could also lead to the employee willingly staying at your business and being committed to their work ethic.
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