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A while ago I was told by my parents that I got a call from (my now boss), Donald Makepeace, asking if I was still interested in a job. We played phone tag for the longest tag, but finally I was hired at the local Dairy Queen. My parents originally said that I was supposed to contribute some money to help pay for insurance, gas ,and ect. After, seeing how much money I brought back week after week, they ignored that request. The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to live on a minimum wage job. In fact, many individuals must have at least two jobs to keep the bills meet. So, President Obama is trying to get Congress to pass an increase in the minimum wage. However, Congress refuses to raise the minimum wage. I agree with Congress, that we should not raise the minimum wage because these jobs are mainly for high school students and more people wouldn’t be able to hire people.
Facts, do support the fact minimum wage should stay where they’re at because high school students are the largest portion of minimum wage. In fact, Drew Desilver states that 50.6% of the current minimum wage job employees are between 16-24 years old (par. 7). Knowing that the majority of these workers are teenagers that probably won’t keep these jobs forever makes me want to keep it as it is. Anthony Davis and James R. Harrigan from US News describes the situation being that a small portion of workers earns the minimum wage . They continue to say that the majority of these people lacks education (par. 4). So if we raised the minimum wage it would encourage many people to not further their education. Because of a minimum wage increase employers would struggle to keep their businesses open and hire people.
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