Minimum Wage

The hard workers of the great state of California deserve a livable wage, but they won’t be receiving their living wage until 2016. Governor brown signed into law bill AB10 which will raise the minimum wage in California to $9.00 per hour beginning July 1, 2014, and then to $10.00 per hour beginning January 1,2016. The minimum-wage was adopted in California as part of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 during the Great Depression. Ever since then the minimum-wage has slowly been growing. According to The California department of industrial relations the California minimum wage has been steadily increasing since 1918. It has gone from .21 cents to 10 dollars an hour. Increasing the minimum-wage does many things; it stimulates the economy, allows people to live in better conditions, and helps level out the problem of income inequality. The minimum wage also helps in indirect ways. The raising of minimum wage achieves a domino effect, it allows for new job growth since people have more wants, it also helps to reduce crime, people that are able to pay their bills with what they have and don’t need to go and steal just to feed their families. It is commonsensical that the minimum wage be a living wage not a subpar amount that causes people to work double the amount just to make ends meet. The Democratic Party is the party that fights for workers, one of the strongest supporters for the Democratic Party is labor unions, and labor unions are organizations of skilled workers that fight for air pay for their work. Unions get their strength by bargaining as a whole instead of individuals, therefore having more barging power. The Democratic Party fights for everyone to have a not only a minimum wage but a living wage. Most people today ar... ... middle of paper ... ...ers within the country. The bill AB10 is a great bill, morally and economically, because it will help social burdens such as poverty, which has domino effects, such as crime and It will also help people that are in poverty to have a better way of living. Hardworking people will no longer have to work two jobs just to make ends meet. The Democratic Party will continue to fight for the rights of workers, including the minimum-wage. The higher wages will allow the economy to flourish with all the extra disposable income people receive from the higher wages. It will also help the income gap between low skilled and higher skilled workers, now people that are in a entry level job don’t have to suffer a great amount as they grow their career. AB10 isn’t a move to take from the business and give to the workers, AB10 just insures that workers are getting what they deserve.

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