Ming Dynasty China and Xenophobia

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The wolrd has become a place filled with great diversity of cultures. Every singlle country has slowly developed into a somewhat dependent society all because of pre-modern events, even if such events did not contribute to each other. There are various types of religions and ideas which spread and changed each part of the world, such as the silk roads. IF it would have not been for the great divergence we would not have the society we currently have. If it had not been for Ming China and the centuries of xenophobia among their people and empire, our whole word today could have been dominantly Chinese ruled. Ming China in premodern times was not as populated and geographically large as it is today, but it was still quite large in both aspects, especially comparing to other empires around such era. About hlaf of chinas population worked for the government in some form. These people known as bureocracts were highly educated and knew how to read and write. Education aided the country to be smart in trade, foreing aspects, and army tactics. Having most of the country educated in political manners also meant their strong army would be intelligent enough to come up with techniques to defend the territory as well as invading sorrounding lands. Hung-Wu, Ming China's first emperor, created a very different type of national guard that differed from traditional ones. This new type of army called Wei-So resembled today's United States National Guard. These men were trained to be soldiers in case they were needed at any time for battle. Pensions would be given to them in return for their service. Heavy-duty armies required large amounts of weopons, but most of all they needed sizable ships to get around bodies of water. It is easy to... ... middle of paper ... ...hina would have most likely spread outside its borders and taken over each country. It is seen how other empires like the Roman and Mongolian also spread but had problems due to the lack of population and availability. For the Ming, population was not a problem. Their main issues was that they simply did not bother dealing wiht other countires who did not pose as a threat to them. All these examples can really show how it is minb-blowing that we are not under Chinese rule today. Everyone should be grateful to the phobie carried on by Ming China for centuries. It is hard to imagine how different the wolrd would be if it was under chinas rule. Thnakfully it did not happen or we all would be one boring and similar society. Events such as xhenophobic period in china might seem senseless and unimportant, but in fact was what influenced the way history went about.

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