Mineral Composition of Seaweed

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The mineral composition of three groups of seaweed under study is shown in Table 3.

As an illustration, most of the seaweeds showed high value of Potassium, Magnesium and Iron, but low in Copper and Cobalt that is coincided to those estimated by Krishnaiah et al. (2008), but significantly higher with those results reported by Rupérez (2002). Among minerals, Potassium occurred in the highest proportions in all seaweeds (515.6±35.7-876.6±15.9 mg/100g) which are significantly lower than those results obtained by Matanjun et al., (2009) (8371.2±0.0-13155.2±1.1 mg/100g).The highest content of potassium was detected for brown algae and red algae.

Magnesium content both in brown [S. illicifolium (81.7±4.0 mg/100g) and C. sinuosa (78.1±1.5 mg/100g)] and green [U. lactuca (79.1±2.7 mg/100g) and E. intestinalis (61.7±5.8 mg/100g)] algae were significantly higher than the red algae (P<0.05), which are higher than those results determined by Manivannan et al., (2008) in U. lactuca (17.5 mg/100g) and H. valentiea (4.0 mg/100g), and similar to those estimated by Matanjun et al., (2009).


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