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of mine Mary Brown inspired me to be the best I could be but she also helped me realize my full potential. When my self-esteem was low and I believed that I would not finish my G.E.D. let alone go to college she didn’t stand for it she encouraged me. She never let me settle with the least I could do she kept pushing me to do more and challenging me to talk the next steps. After I finished my G.E.D she told me “Rose go enroll in college”. Later on she offered me a job at the program and I accepted. At the time I did not have the proper work clothes I need she asked me if I would mind if she bought me clothes. I can’t say I was offended in anyway or form I was just honored that she cared about me to do something do human to help me out as much as could. My friend Arlesa has also been there for me when my own family was not. Arlesa and I met at work and have been friend for eight years. We help each other out with problems and support each other’s goals in life. I can tell Arlesa anything and I know she will understand and support me. O believe that having friends like Arlesa and Mary help me stay focused in life. The struggles that I have experienced in my life has had many phases but through every phases I have had someone there to help me stay focused and grounded. I have never been so blessed as to have people that I can count on when I need then and even when I don’t. Life Experiences: Work and Organization I believe work culture has changed me because you have to have the ability to communicate with different cultures and even with in your own culture different personalities. I work for head start where we have a lot of Hispanic children as well as Asian, Indian, Muslim and many other nationalities. Each culture is very differe... ... middle of paper ... ...really stepping out and growing in her walk with the Christ, and I have attended church with her before and been told of how she is so sweet, kind, and even a little naughty. At 26 she is growing more into the woman that I want her to be and I know that even this was because of the “seed that took a little while to grow”, there is not a lot of my life that I would want to change but I know that the day a met Christ and he accepted me right where I was is something that I will never ever change or regret even if I had a chance. I see so many hurting people most of them young kids in the church and outside of the church and I wonder what if everyone strived to be more of a reflection of Christ like his word calls us to be to their children like my mother was to me, she was not perfect but she was always there for me whether I needed a high five or a shoulder to cry on.
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