Mind Reflection

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Earlier this semester, we discussed the differences of what has a mind and what does not. My evidence of having a mind was that if something was able to make decisions and act on instinct, it had a mind, not a systemized process. Therefore, animals and humans have minds, but machines do not. In doing more reflection and through progressing in this class, I think I have changed my perspective of this. I do not think it is fair to classify all animals as having a mind. Different animals have different levels of intelligence, such as an ape that can perform sign language and handle its own pet compared to a fish in an aquarium. I no longer think it is fair to generalize all animals as equally mindful, especially when you consider all theories…show more content…
I have been making choices on whether to study or not, which could have been time used for other activities. I have also been relying on my own knowledge and experiences to write my papers, which only I can do. I have an obligation to perform in this class because I know what this means for me. The results of passing this class will allow me to make even bigger decisions, such as where I want to live and work. I have worked hard for this grade and I believe that my freedom in speech and action has allowed me to present my thoughts to my professor and peers. However, my professor has freedom too. You are able to choose what my grade is based on your qualification of my writing. However, this is why there are rubrics. I am responsible for my grade because I will know that I have done everything in my power to make the best argument and to study as hard as I can. I trust in the freedom of my professor to make the right decision in his…show more content…
It would be interesting to see how an individual in a more controlled society would define responsibility or freedom, especially in a Communistic society. I believe that we as humans deserve to have the freedom to do what we want, but as humans also should take it upon ourselves to have the responsibility to do what is right. This is what Sartre tells us, and I do agree with him. He understood that responsibilities outweigh our freedoms. There may be times that we have pressures to bend to conformity, but we if we do not hold onto our responsibility, we become followers. I do not want to be a follower. I want to be the one to lead my life. I do not want other people thinking for me. If I allow that, what is the point of being human? My freedom to do whatever I want, knowing the responsibility of what to do, and having the mind to think and change are the greatest gifts we have as
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