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Introduction In the past, the approach to understanding disease and guiding treatment has been centred on standard medical procedures and physical risk factors. As new research emerges, the idea of an important mind-body relationship has been solidified. This relationship will be discussed with particular reference to its influence on cardiac health. The way in which we manage patients and treat diseases also needs to shift in response to our ever-growing understanding of the mind-body connection. In this case, Mr Peterson is a prime example of the type of patient who will benefit greatly from an awareness of psychosocial influences and complementary therapies such as MBSR programmes. Relationship between the body and the mind “There is a significant overlap between the pathophysiologic mechanisms of congestive heart failure and the major effectors of mind body connections” (Emani, Binkley 2010:715-725) Researchers are…show more content…
These risk factors have also been associated with non-cardiac chest pain. Specific risk factors include anxiety, depression and anger which have all been identified to negatively affect cardiac health (Janeway 2009:36-43). Conversely, the suppression of emotions has also been linked equally to heart disease risk by Tacon, McComb & Caldera (2003:25-33). Cardiovascular diseases rank as the highest causes of death and ill health and needs to be addressed. A strong relationship has been found between occupational stress (particularly psychosocial stress) and the risk of cardiovascular disease. This has been found to be especially prevalent in males. Occupational factors such as long working hours and a dangerous work environment have been associated with heart disease, possibly due to neuroendocrine pathways or through behavioural responses (Backe, Seidler, Latza et al

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