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584 words

Million Dollar Arm by J.B. Bernstein. The genre is non-fiction. J.B. not only is the author but one of the main characters in the book. J.B. is a sports agent, he has represented some of the biggest clients in the sports industry including Barry Bonds and other great athletes. One he was looking for something different he was watching TV at three in the morning when he was flipping channels and saw a cricket game being played in India the speed that the players were throwing the ball was in the high eighties. That sparked an idea to go to India and look for the next best MlB pitcher. This could ruin his career but this also could make him a star. Million Dollar Arm is located in India and the United States.While J.B. was searching for the next best baseball player it became more more apparent that it was going to be harder than he thought, one time at tryouts in India a boy throw the ball so far off out of the pitching cage it hit one of J.B.'s assistentes. So far J.B. hadn't found anyone that could throw over eighty-five miles per hour. …show more content…

searched through the untold athletes of of India at a competition in New Delhi a pair of best friends named Dinesh Kumar Patel and Rinku Singh. They were the only competitors who could throw over eighty-five miles per hour. There were a couple other competitors but mainly only Rinku and Dinesh who actually had a chance at winning the finals. This is how the finals work, Whoever could throw the most strikes over 85 miles per hour in 20 pitches would win. 21 competitors have gone already and none had even throughout 1 strike. Rinku who was on the mound and only had four pitches left. Then he threw a strike at 87 miles per hour. The last three competitors went but none through any strikes Rinku had won the finals. JB decided to bring Rinku and Dinesh back to the US for MLB training even though Dennis didn't throw any strikes he still had potential

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how j.b. bernstein's million dollar arm is a non-fiction book. he represents barry bonds and other great athletes.
  • Explains that million dollar arm is located in india and the united states.
  • Explains how j.b. searched through the untold athletes of india at a competition in new delhi. they brought rinku and dinesh back to the us for mlb training even though dennis didn't throw any strikes
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