Millennium Development Goals Essay

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The millennium development goal reports in 2013 shows that South Africa stands at fourth place out 87 countries under the 2012 Social Institutions and Gender Index of the organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development. It is marked as the highest in the continent of Africa and according to this index; it indicates a strong legal framework of the country regarding gender equality and women’s rights. South Africa also performs well when compared to specific indicator of goal number 3 of the millennium development goals. This goal focuses and aims on improving gender equality as well as women empowerment. South Africa stands at second place with 45% next to Rwanda in women presentation. Statistics show that in 2005, a percentage of 87% was spent on South African GDP health care, of which an estimated 42% was spent on government expenses. HIV and AIDS remain one of South Africa’s biggest concerns with an estimated 5.3 million people said to be living with the virus in the country. The South African National HIV Survey estimated that 10.8% of all South Africans over 2 years old were living with HIV in 2005. There is an average estimates 1,000 deaths of AIDS a day in South Africa. MILLENIUM DEVELOPMENT GOALS “The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been the most successful global anti-poverty push in history. High progress has been made in reaching a number of these of the targets—including halving the number of people living in extreme poverty and the number of people without sustainable access to improved sources of drinking water” ,says the UN Secretary –General, Ban Ki Moon . The number of people living in slums also decreased. Outstanding gains have been achieved in the fight against malaria and other diseases. There... ... middle of paper ... ...hem. Over 2.5 billion people still don’t have access to improved sanitation facilities, of which of those one billion continue to practice open defecation, which is a major health and environmental hazard. The countries resource base is in serious decline, with continuing losses of forests, species and fish stocks In conclusion, reports show that the achieving of these development goals is not even between countries. Children from poor households and rural areas are more likely to be out of school as opposed to rich and children living in urban areas. There is still varied gaps in basic knowledge regarding HIV and the prevention of the virus among young men and women. With less than 1000 days remaining, even though some of the targets have been met before 2015, much attention needs to be paid and work still needs to be done in other areas in meeting the targets.

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