Millennium Development Goals

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Introduction The Millennium Declaration, sanctioned by 189 global leaders in September 2000, served as a commitment to work hand in hand to build a safer, more equitable, and prosperous world. The affirmation was translated into a roadmap laying out eight measurable and time-bound goals to be attained by 2015, christened the “Millennium Development Goals” (MDGs). The eight goals are correlated and should be considered as a whole. However, due to a combination of climate change, high food prices, the effect of the global economic and financial crisis, discrepancies in MDG attainment are widespread within and between countries. The first MDG aims at eradicating extreme poverty and hunger across the globe. This goal is further split into three targets. One of these targets is triggered towards halving the number of those earning less than $1 per day. The other target is geared towards halving the number of people suffering from hunger across the world. The third target is to attain full and productive employment and work for all. The second MDG aims at achieving universal primary education. The primary target of this goal is to ensure that every child across the globe is able to complete a full course of primary schooling. History of Socioeconomic, Health, and Environmental Issues that led to the Development of MDG 1 and MDG 2 The United Nations continuously set goals aimed at enhancing humanity. Most of the goals set in the past have centered on reducing poverty and hunger across the globe. The first goals related to education, and they were a product of three regional conventions prepared by UNECO in 1960. These goals targeted the expansion of basic education within a timeframe of two decades. Economic goals have also been p... ... middle of paper ... ...d 2015. IDS Bulletin, 41(1), 51-59. Doi:10.1111/j.1759- 5436.2010.00104.x Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People’s Republic of China. (2013). China’s Progress Towards the Millennium Development Goals 2013 Report. Retrieved December 30, 2013 from MDGs2013_english.pdf United Nations. (2013). The Millennium Development Goals Report 2013. english.pdf Singh, A., Gonzalez, E. T., & Thomson, S. B. (2013). Millennium development goals and community initiatives in the Asia Pacific. New Delhi: Springer India. The World Bank (2013). Ending Extreme Poverty and Promoting Shared Prosperity. Retrieved December 30, 2013 from promoting_shared_prosperity
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