Milk Feother: What Are Milk Frothers?

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What Are Milk Frothers?
The growing popularity of Italian coffee drink variants such as Cappuccino and lattes, has led to the demand of the best milk frothers. They are kitchen appliances used in the domestic frothing of warm milk. This is a process that entails the aeration of milk through rapid agitation, so as to introduce as much air as possible into the milk. The result of this process is a foamy topping that feature on most coffee drinks. There are several different types of these appliances ranging from simple hand-pump brands, electric whisks, to brands that warm and froth the milk simultaneously.

Different Types Of Milk Frothers; Hand-held Frothers
Many coffee lovers choose milk frothers based on their budgets. They are affordable alternatives to cappuccino makers and other such machines. These appliances feature steam-operated frothers that use hot air to create the characteristic foamy topping. Cappuccino makers produce a hissing noise synonymous with coffee bars. A cheaper alternative to cappuccino makers are handheld models. These types are cheap, but require a bit of effort to operate. They have a plunger attached to a screen of fine mesh and these types are operated manually.
The Electric Milk Frother
A better alternative to the cappuccino maker is the electric frother. As the name suggests, this kind uses electricity in the
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Thus, consumers have to shop in accordance with their budgets. Different frother brands cost differently. There are frothers that cost as low as twenty dollars, while others cost as much as one hundred dollars. For people with the financial ability to purchase expensive frothers, electric frothers are the best. This is because with manual frothers, one has to heat the milk first before frothing while with electric frothers heating can be done together with frothing. This makes it easier to use electric frothers than using manual
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