Military Sexual Assault

Hot Topic for Military Sexual Assault
The military is facing a major controversy when it comes to sexual harassment and sexual assault. Both sides of this controversy generally feel something needs to be changed so these crimes decrease and our soldiers feel safe among their comrades. The basic argument of this issues is how the government and military can change to decrease these crimes. This leads to the main question for this issue. Should Military Commanders prosecute sexual assault cases?
. A person cannot decide on an issue if they do not know what the controversy is even focusing on. The reason is the person does not have all the facts to make an educated option. As a result, when looking at this controversy fist we have to look at what sexual assault and harassment are and the differences between these two. Sexual assault is forced or threatened sexual contact from another person. ( An example of this would be rape because the person is being forced into sexual intercourse, which is sexual contact. Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advances from a supervisor or employer. ( A boss could make a unwanted sexual comment like “your breasts looks nice” to an employer, this is unwanted and it is a sexual comment. As a result, it is sexual harassment. A person can make an educated option about the controversy now that they know what the focus of the controversy focuses on.
Apart of this issue is to look at how the military received the power to take cases in their own courts and not public courts. In the 1776 Articles of War it stated that rape or any capital crime was not taken to the commander but to civil courts. Congress passed the” Act for Enrolling and Calling Out the National Forc...

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...dience member for this paper would be military service members. These are the people who can testify in Congress for either side of this issues because they are directly affected by the decision of who has the power to hear their cases.

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