Military Nursing: The History Of Military Nurse

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`Imagine our country being back in World War I, medical attention is needed to help save the lives of the braves individuals fighting in the war, nurses and even volunteers are desperately needed, however being on the battle filed working long hours with no breaks and poor working conditions is not the biggest appeal. The history of military nurses shows the brutal conditions nurses worked through to save lives. Understanding that nurses went off to war years ago does not seem to affect us, especially know we did not know these nurses, for the families thought it was mournful, imagine your mother or aunt going off to war, even though they are not fighting they still have a big risk of losing their life. After looking through reliable sources and hours of research I have determined the history of military nursing was a rough one. The History of Military Nursing includes the poor conditions nurses worked under, the types of wars they fought in, and the shortage of nurses throughout the wars. Doing your job can be hard enough, doing your job without the proper work environment or overtired can be exceeding strenuous. According to Eric Dean at Nursing Standards an average of 15,000 nurses were killed during World War I, this is not an exact amount due to poor recording (Dean, NURSES AT WAR).…show more content…
This lead to bringing in younger women to also help with caregiving, girls were coming from grammar school to help their country, the youngest was recorded at fifteen, while the majority ranged from sixteen to nineteen (Birchenall, Nursing history.) As more individuals with first aid training were assisting with the war instead of nurses, lectures were created to educate nurses and volunteers, lectures became mandatory after shifts (Birchenail, Nursing
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