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• Liaison can be defined as a linking up or connecting of two or more separate entities or of the parts especially in different military units, of a whole so that they can work together effectively. • Liaison can also be described as a person who functions as a connection, between people or groups. • Liaison can be defined as an instance or a means of communication between different groups or units of an organization, especially in the defense or government jobs, Multinationals and various other corporate firms or units. • In other words liaison can also be seen as a sexual relationship, especially when at least one person is married or involved in a sexual relationship with someone else. • A liaison acts as the bridge of communication…show more content…
• Liaison is also known as the linking together of words in connected speech, particularly where this involves some unusual phonetic features. • In many organizations the liaison keeps groups informed of one another’s activities. Usually the groups involved do not interact often so the liaison transmits and receives information among them. The need for a liaison is greater in organizations with highly differentiated work groups or departments while these groups normally work independently, occasionally they must communicate with one another regarding their activities. This is where the liaison’s role is important.  Explanation:- In my opinion the most suitable and apt definition for Liaison…show more content…
Liaisons in any organization, department or unit have a legitimate responsibility to involve themselves in the operations of various work groups, liaisons are welcome in complex organizations because the let the right hand know what the left hand is doing. A liaison facilitates coordination among groups, an ability that may be vital to the organizations effectiveness. A liaison needs to have good communication skills, should be capable of handling crisis situation and also should take everyone’s opinion but then should have a clear mindset, ideas and thought of his own. Face to face communication is the best form of communication because then there is no chance of misunderstanding or communication gap between people or different groups and that face to face communication is done by a liaison. A liaison is empowered within the Unit or groups to gather information communicate policy and act as a spokesperson. He is also empowered as an authority within the Units to take action in response to Security policies and procedures in an organization to plan, design and coordinate Information Security training

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