Military Drones Problems

Problems of Military Drones
The United States’ battle against terrorism forces this nation to exert violence upon its enemies. However, peace in foreign countries will not be achieved if America risks the lives of innocent civilians to assassinate its criminals overseas. Therefore, America must eliminate the use of drones in international strikes.
Those in support of using drones conclude that they bring the least consequences to this nation. They will say that using drones for global attacks allows the US to reduce its military damage and protect its troops from danger (Foust). In addition, they argue that the cost of military drones is lower than the cost of sending regular airplanes and actual soldiers to worldwide nations ("Shaving Costs"). Finally, supporters of drones will share their belief that drones are able to strike accurately and reduce collateral damage to civilians around its area (Foust). Those who profess these ideas do not consider the terrible risks and the dangerous affects that drones place on their target lands and the pathos citizens that reside there.
By using drones in worldwide assaults, the US sets a dangerous example to the many other nations with similar technology. Because America sends military drones instead of actual troops into areas like Pakistan and Yemen, it runs the risk of allowing its enemy countries to conduct similar strikes against its very own home front (Benjamin). While the US, UK, and Israel are the only world powers that currently contain armed drone machines, the US’s frequent uses of these modernized arsenals will influence other nations into building their own military drones to threaten our nation’s security in the upcoming years (Mulrine). This is already seen in countries like ...

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...t officials from the Obama’s administration have reported to the public that civilian casualties could be as low as single digits (SIHRCRC). Meanwhile, journalists and even eyewitness accounts prove the statement to be completely inaccurate through data gathered from the targeted countries. The US should not be a country that risks the lives harmless citizens. By killing innocent people, America creates many foreign enemies and violates the principle of security it is suppose to defend.
Terrorism is a huge danger to both the US and the world in general. Yet, America cannot combat this threat by gambling the lives of those in need of security and protection. America’s use of drones in attacks on foreign soil puts innocent people in danger and cannot continue. By removing international drone strikes, the US will be making a correct step toward a more peaceful society.

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