Military Bearing : A Symbol Of A Soldier 's Pride

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Military bearing is a trademark of the Army and is one of the fundamental reasons we are held in such high regard by the American population and much of the world. Does of the situation in which we find ourselves. Often it is used as a reliable indicator of a Soldier’s pride in their unit, branch of service, or the military in its entirety. The concept of bearing has some aspects that are unique, others that are more overarching and the same across the board. It is vital no matter what rank or position is held. It works generally the same across the branches of service with subtle distinctions. Bearing is not proprietary to the military, as it can be present in any civilian as well. Much of the Army’s bearing and standards can be seen in our customs and courtesies as well as in drill and ceremony. Bearing even branches out into the Attributes of a Leader, as expressed in Army doctrine and teachings. Bearing at its core shares the same basic definition for everyone, with the differences residing in the connotations for each group or individual. Each one will take it uniquely in regards to interpretation, importance or implementation, but overall it carries the same standard throughout military service. For example, it is a military-wide expectation that a member will maintain the same standards after the work day ends as they do on-duty. A Soldier at home on leave should act just as professional as if they were at a press conference, or at work briefing a General Officer. It is not enough to act the part; it must be a lifestyle habit and a genuine one at that. This means not becoming a completely different person as soon as the duty day is finished. Those who fail at this are often referred to as “60% Soldiers” after the minimum ... ... middle of paper ... This image has been fostered through the years by a strong sense of patriotism in the American people. While not achieving perfection, soldiers as a whole do uphold a higher standard of behavior than the rest of the populace. This is accomplished through implementation of the Army Values, regular ethical instruction, and a well-structured hierarchy with a strong sense of uniformity and order. One of the major Army fundamentals is the idea of customs and courtesies in everyday communication. These can range from the most informal of hand gestures and postures to extremely formal briefings and documents that have to be done in a precise format. To elaborate on the former, it is known across the Army that when addressing another soldier who is senior to yourself, you would stand at parade rest for a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and the position of attention for a

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