Militarization Of Police Essay

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Growing militarization of police, I feel is not a problem (however it may become one). The fact is police are allowed to you a step above, whatever they are going against. SWAT team are used for 80% of the drug busts, but also drug dealers tend to have more weapons or protection which SWAT more adept at handling. My uncle had a run-in with a drug dealer, where he end up being held for a few days. Long story short, he owed money, so he gave over keys to his truck (which must have not been enough) so then he was not allowed to leave. I see the growing militarization of police is needed sometimes, however like any “power” it can be overly used this was shown in the Cheye Calvo incident. Calvo is a good example to show how wrong this (growing militarization) can go, and how fast it can happen. The police are trained as just that, police so should they have military gear? Well I think it’s a yes and no. Yes they need it, but with training sadly this does not come with the gear (safety leaflets that come with guns don’t do much, like DARE) however you can get training. This is mostly true and a lot of departments do have special trained officers and teams like SWAT, which have the knowledge to use the tools and gear given to them. This goes into the…show more content…
Police can you force however, it’s not like they are just going out and holding people up or trying to hurt and kill people for fun. However they will go into a house ready, and that is just the smart way of doing things. My mother works with tuberculosis cancer treatments, so she wears a mask and gets tested for TB. Yet it’s in a tube and never even touches her, this is because the hospital knows how bad that can be. Why is it viewed so negatively, when the police use the same idea? Yes obviously they are not testing for TB, however the same idea applies. This idea is: mitigate anything you can, hope for the best, and be ready for it all to go

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