Mike Marambio: Challenges In Physical Health

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Mike Marambio is a complex individual, he enjoys to take on the challenges that life provides him. Mike Marambio has flaws, he may not be the greatest at everything but tries his best. Mike Marambio is unique, by motivating others to proceed even in their hardest times. Mike Marambio is competitive, he competes in multiple sports and motivates while leading the group. Physical health deals with life choices that can either harm or help the user’s body. My physical health relays around sports such as basket-ball, Soccer, Discus throwing, Shot-put throwing, and weight lifting. My strengths in physical health is my exercising, caring for my body, and avoiding non healthy behaviors. I make sure my body is in athletic shape so I can conquer any athletic challenge in my path of life. My Weaknesses are eating healthy and getting enough sleep. This is due to a busy schedule and family meals. One of my weaknesses in athleticism is my pull ups, I used to not be able to do one single pull up but I’ve managed to do two pull ups at current athletic shape. I am continuing to lose weight of body fat while gaining weight in muscle. Mental health follows with making responsible choices while learning new things in the process. My Mental health follows amongst youth around my age having a little of depression and…show more content…
My social health has improved over this year drastically due to asking for support and giving support as well listening played a huge factor this year. My strengths currently are giving support, accepting others for who they are, listening and communicating. My weaknesses in my social health is that I struggle in asking for support as in how much support I give to others. I give more support to others than I choose to receive, sometimes it makes me feel used but I live on knowing that someday I will be repaid in a different manner if it means by unconditional love or

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