Migration and Descendants

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When people migrate, whether by choice or coercion, the focus seems to primarily lie on ‘the reason why one would leave their country of origin,’ and to go even further, “the effects of migration on one’s life moving forward.” Speaking with Ms. Brigette Taverniti, a junior at Pace University, and her grandfather, Mr. Raffaele Taverniti, owner of a tuxedo store in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, revealed a ‘personal’ aspect of international relations, which illustrated how historical traumas and tragedies experienced by older generations during migration from their country of origin shape the lives of their descendants. This paper argues why descendants of family members who migrated from their home country have a generational pride for the family’s country of origin, including their personal connection to global politics, which influences the way the descendants view themselves and their self-constructed duty they have to their family and family’s country of origin. Through an analysis of research conducted on the SS Andrea Doria maritime disaster, societal misrepresentations of Italians and Italian-Americans, the possible conditions which drove migration from Italy in the 1950s, scholarly research, and interviews with Mr. Raffaele Taverniti, in which he speaks of his own migration, and his granddaughter, Ms. Brigette Taverniti, who speaks of the impact her grandfather’s migration had on her life, I shall demonstrate my previously-mentioned arguments.
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Data and Analysis
Italy Post-Second World War
Raffaele Taverniti, grandfather of Brigette Taverniti, is from Camini, Italy. Italy is known for its lack of abundance in natural resources with unproductive agricultural land. Following the Second World War, ...

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