Migration Of Migration

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In simplistic terms, migration can be defined as the movement of large groups of people from one place to another; but there are many different criteria that can be applied when defining a migrant, such as country of birth, citizenship, and movement between places, and often using just one of these categories does not always give enough information to be able to make the classification ,therefore these criteria are frequently used in combination to define a person, or group of people as migrants .(Parvita R, and Umut E ,2015. P 136) Because migration can be classified and defined in such a range of different ways, it is important to note that for the purpose of this essay, the term will be used to describe both individuals and groups of people who have moved from one location to another on a long term basis. Taking into consideration personal accounts given by groups of international migrants, and historical case studies presented through a combination of qualitative and quantitative evidence, this essay will explore the ways in which the disconnections resulting from migration can lead to new connections. The term migration also refers to those moving from one place to another within the same country. For example, in 19th Century Britain there was a mass movement of
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