Migration And Migration

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Migration has always been reported as a precise way of contributing to the growth of both the social and economic spheres of life. Over the years, scholars, legislators and other players involved in the study and policy making of migration laws have stressed that migration assist the migrant-sending countries in achieving development at a fast pace. This is, as the migrant-citizens tend to ease the pressure of unemployment, thereby giving the governments back home ample time to scheme on development agendas. The worldwide view on migration has not remained constant, owing to fluctuations of the outcomes in terms of development (Bailey, 2010). This is at times; there have been reported negative effects, and other times, the reported results have turned out as positive towards the development of both the motherland and the migration destination. Owing to the varied results in regards to migration, policies pertaining to development and migration have been developed in reaction to the variation issues. For example, toward the close of the twentieth century, the view on migration changed from being seen as a development factor to the migrators’ states and as a factor leading to growth of the economy in the receiving states (Geiger & Studies, 2013). This is because of the newly developed problem pertaining to pressure caused by migration. Many policy makers hold that the levels of immigration have stretch to intolerable heights. The issue of security, especially for the receiving countries has also arisen owing to the massive influx of immigrants into these countries. Owing to these recently developed problems, the idea of immigration has received a major setback Terrorism has been the cause for major anxiety in most countries throug... ... middle of paper ... ...the developed part of the world results to deforestation and manifestation of lands specifically put aside for conserving nature. The exchange of cultures also amounts to the spread of lifestyles that are harmful to the environment. A prior control of the negative consequences of migration and development is important in establishing a free and stable world. The fact that immigration affects every part of the world requires that every world citizen play a role to ensure that the negative threats are controlled. As for the effect that are beyond the control of the common person, there is an urgent need to take a closer look at the policies that are currently in existence. Modification and creation of sterner policies is critically needed. More research activities are required with the aim of tackling the arising problems pertaining to immigration and development.

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