Migraines Essay

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Today is a good day. Today there is only mild throbbing in my right temple. Feels like a small ice pick jabbed in my head. Unlike a bad day when it feels as if I am giving birth through my head just after someone beat my skull and neck with a baseball bat. This is a small example of how it feels to live with migraines. It was an ordinary day at work back in 1987 when I received my first visit from the migraine. The day was unforgettable. I was twenty years old. Out of nowhere, my peripheral vision became blurry. It was hard to see. Shortly after, I began seeing black spots. I was scared. I thought I was going blind. Nausea soon followed. I told my boss I was not feeling well and needed to go home. The twenty-two-mile journey…show more content…
If an individual has never experienced a migraine headache, it is difficult to understand. Migraines are more than just a headache and can touch many areas of someone’s life. Migraines have played a significant role in how I go about each day, how I feel about myself and how I interact with people in my life. Migraines have affected my work life and have had a major influence on my personality, not to mention the impact it has made on my finances.
Migraines have had an effect on how I perform my duties at my job each day. Painful migraines cause many issues for me while I am at work not allowing me to perform at 100% of my ability. Most of the time, I have an annoying sort of background headache that sits behind my eye. This unpleasantness requires constant strain to concentrate on my work and not on the irritating throbbing behind my eye. However, this irritation is not the problem. It is the migraine that visits me at least once a week and its events foreshadowing the attack. My neck becomes stiff, giving me my first clue of what is soon to come. The neck ache triggers some anxiety because I know an explosive pain is just ahead. The pain and anxiety take away my focus from my job. My brain
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