Midwife Case Study

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Professional Attributes Necessary For Midwives attribute is a quality or characteristic of a person, place or thing. Personal attributes are character traits or personality traits. Personal and professional attributes are important in all jobs and are a vital part for midwifery practice and entry to education all this is mentioned in (Midirs, 2013). Trying to describe or define what attributes are can be difficult and tricky because it can be linked to many things because they are impalpable. The World Health Organisation (2011) sees that personal and professional attributes help to build every person's knowledge and skills, which are used in clinical care and anywhere else. This all may all include communication skills which is also (speaking…show more content…
They must assess the needs of the woman to determine and provide a care as instructed, this can be before conception and then throughout the antenatal and postnatal period. The focus when looking after women is to provide holistic care and making sure it's done with compassion and love. This includes respecting the women's individual choices and needs in a variety of different situations. According to NMC (2008) guidelines, midwives must treat people with care, compassion, dignity, respect and must be impartial. These competencies and proficiencies are assured through pre- and post-registration education. Being insightful when communicating and having an active listening skills provides the whole family with the feeling of being valued and considered. This includes being interested and being able to respond appropriately to establish productive and professional relationships with the women and their families. Midwives need to have the ability to be tactful, but also being able to exert influence through respect and credibility. Giving out clear and respectful messages that can be understood by women and also being able to recognise non-verbal cues and behaviours of family members is necessary (Mayes, 2011 and Nicholls L, Webb C. 2006). Midwives are also still accountable for their actions regardless of what happened, even when delegating tasks to other members of staff. The use of effective communication is
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